Socrates Theme Discount by $20

Socrates Theme released a $20 recently and it is still working. If you like to grab a copy of Socrates Theme at $57, do it now. In case the discount disappear (anytime soon), you may check out our previous to get the $10 socrates theme discount.

Click to visit their home page.

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Socrates Theme Discount by $10

Socrates Theme Discount

socrates theme discountIf you reach this website, I am sure you know the power of Socrates Theme and the benefit of it. To keep thing simple, here you can find the $10 socrates theme discount link to help you purchase the great theme happily.

Socrates Theme comes with two pricing. USD 47 for Single install and USD 77 for Unlimited Domains Personal Use. From time to time, they will lower the Unlimited domain from USD 77 to USD 67. It is time-limited offer and the discount link does not show up right now.

If you want to purchase Socrates Theme Unlimited version at USD 67 now, click here to access the $10 socrates theme discount link. Be sure to verify whether it is USD 67 before placing the order.

Once again, the secret discount link is Have fun!

What is Socrates Theme?

Socrates Theme is a premium WordPress theme that is suited for niche bloggers. It was developed by Joel Comm and his associates and the latest version is 3.0.3. It allows you to create Adsense and Clickbank monetized WordPress blogs in a couple of seconds. You can customize Socrates Theme very easily to look whatever you want and apply a theme which fit to your target niche. It is the ideal solution for niche blogger and internet marketer to quickly build great looking web site.

Key Features of Socrates Theme

Search Engine Optimized – The theme is created in SEO mindset and the webpage generated with Socrates Theme is on-page optimized for search engine. Search engine like Google and Bing will love your website and you can easily rank higher in search result.

Adsense and Affiliate Program ready – The theme is developed by Joel Comm who is the long time Adsense Guru. You could get maximum click through rate with this adsense ready theme.

Custom Header for Niche Websites – With over 220 niche header designs, you can easily insert these pre-made headers into your theme branded with blog title and description. You can easily upload your own custom headers if you like as well.

Multiple Layout Design – Socrates Theme come with very flexible layout design engine and you could adjust the number of columns, sider bars as you like. The new version comes with Magazine layout such that your blog look like publishing a magazine.

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Welcome to Socrates Theme Discount Blog

This blog features information on the way to get the Socrates Theme Discount.

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